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Encrypted DNS queries via OpenDNS dnscrypt for Windows / linux / BSD / iOS / OSX

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Ok. That looks very good. Just applied. (Liked the quiz. Fun!) :Thmbsup:

There's no need to apply for it... you can 'just use it'. Yea, they put that beta test application there, but the code is 'up', pre-built for you.

@db90h - found it! Thx. :)

Steve Gibson actually mentioned this, me, and my blog post on this and the mod_status 'vulnerability' on big servers in his last Security Now podcast. Doing what I can to save the Internet, lol ;p.

I noticed OpenDNS has extended capabilities you can turn on or off. You can choose to have it log your DNS queries, so you can see what sites everyone in your household is visiting, for instance.. block sites.. or you can have it not log ANYTHING, and it says it throws away all DNS queries. Of course, I opted for the latter, for privacy. That said, I'm not too concerned about anyone knowing what sites I visit, but I still like my privacy. At least this way you've got your DNS separate from your ISP or Google, and encrypted to protect from Sniffers. For these features you must sign up for an account, which also offers a DNS client to update your dynamic IP address at home (so it can track you if your IP address changes).

Don't bother signing up at all (even for their normal service) and you're probably most private, as their DNS servers (plaintext and encrypted) are open no matter what.

Cross-posted to this thread. SORRY! - and thanks for pointing it out to @Deozan.
OpenDNS's latest newsletter makes a call for application ß-testers:
DNSCrypt for Windows: After weeks of searching for the perfect candidate to build DNSCrypt for Windows, our own Senior Software Engineer Geoff Townsend took on the challenge. In a matter of days he had the client ready and we recently announced a call-for-beta-testers-dnscrypt-for-windows/]call for beta testers[/u]! It won't be long before everyone can use the revolutionary DNSCrypt. Stay tuned here for updates on the full release.

--- End quote ---

The link takes you to an OpenDNS blog entry that has an application form (the form uses Google docs forms).

I had been skeptical that this would occur, but maybe I misjudged the thing:
The OpenDNS experiment to offer PC-to-DNS node encryption - added to existing node-to-node encryption, and currently only available in ß on Mac, not Windows - must be scaring the pants off the Establishment. Anarchy must not be tolerated. Regulation will be necessitated.
This OpenDNS venture could be quietly shut down as it "Didn't work very well", or something. Or maybe the encryption keys will be stored by a government department - same difference.
-IainB (March 12, 2012, 06:23 PM)
--- End quote ---
Anyway, here's hoping.
-IainB (March 28, 2012, 02:15 PM)
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DNSCrypt sure looks useful. FYI there's already another thread with some discussion about this:
-Deozaan (March 28, 2012, 02:45 PM)
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Ah! Thanks for that @Deozan - I knew it had been discussed, but I had not read the rest of the thread where you provide the link.
Nor was I aware that - from the thread you link to - you could already get your hands on the ß Windows code, without being an offcial ß tester.
I shall cross-post this to the link you give.

So, this thread can be closed.
-IainB (March 28, 2012, 04:20 PM)
--- End quote ---
But I can't find the code at at the link given by @Deozan -
 - it says "Sorry, the page you tried was not found.", so it must have been taken down.

Could someone send me a link to a copy of the file please?


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