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Encrypted DNS queries via OpenDNS dnscrypt for Windows / linux / BSD / iOS / OSX

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OpenDNS has been working on a new encrypted DNS service for the past 6 months or so. They've kept fairly quiet about it, though it has been mentioned on Slashdot and elsewhere. At first there were only OS X, BSD, and Linux clients available. However, a Windows client is now available for download at their GitHub repository. I am not sure if it is considered 'final' or not. I just noticed it was there, tried it out - and it works ;).

Why encrypt my DNS queries?

Even if you use HTTPS on every site you visit, your DNS queries are painfully obvious to anyone. Whether it is your ISP, or a local sniffer, if you want privacy, your DNS queries are a glaring hole in it. In some cases, encrypted DNS queries may get you around site blockers/firewalls too (though not all cases).

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I wonder how long it will be before OpenDNS is designated as a terrorist organization though... :(

Like, privacy is a clear indicator! They must be in league with... <transmission cut />

LOL ... the even better news is that soon we'll have this integrated into third-party router firmwares, and maybe even come stock with some router firmwares. That will allow seamless, and painless, integration with your whole network. Myself, I'm in the process of using an older router set up as an experimental encrypted DNS server. I'll send the patch to OpenWrt when I'm done, then we can go from there.

I've been using it for DNS queries on my development PC for a while now, works GREAT.

Whether OpenDNS is declared a terrorist organization, who knows ;p. They have been strangely quiet about all this.


--- End quote ---

+1, thanks for posting about this!

OpenDNS's official announcement of DNSCrypt for Windows was on March 13th:

EDIT: They've moved the blog entry here:


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