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The start of the Start Button Menu things for Win8

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A Win7 machine is called a Win7 machine because it has Win7.  :P

For me, Windows 8 is a huge no-go.  It will fail as a Desktop OS, and it will fail as a Tablet OS.
-Stephen66515 (April 02, 2012, 06:49 PM)
--- End quote ---

I think you're wrong there. Win8 will succeed because it's a step towards greater control over the user with less privacy. These are things that are being forced on us, and you will see glowing reviews for Win8 from everywhere.

It really will have no bearing on the UI. It's all about control. The Metro interface is more cloud oriented (or Internet oriented) with HTML5/JavaScript as the primary development tools. This is a step backwards as HTML5/JS are not well suited to write applications because they are simply far too CPU intensive compared to better tools like C++ or Delphi or whatever. So, you're going to lose power - which will drive computer sales as people need more RAM and more CPU to get less done. You're going to lose privacy as well as the network will basically strip any privacy that you had remaining. Google is your friend spymaster.

So while your computing experience deteriorates, and you lose your privacy, the corporate goons that profit off of you as "you are the product" - they will laugh all the way to the bank. Oh, did I mention that there is new legislation that encourages companies to spy on their customers and report "terrorists"? Yeah - Win8 will help there, but it won't help you.

And that's why Win8 will succeed - because it's bad for you and good for your slave overlords.



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