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The start of the Start Button Menu things for Win8

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(As expected) Stardock have created Start8 to bring a bit of sanity back to Windows 8.

The start of the Start Button Menu things for Win8

It looks way too big, to me, as a menu to be of genuine help. I don't see the need for all the white space and the position of the scrollng menu bit (too far to the right). I suppose it's a start (no pun intended) for the start button menu clones.

Around the same amount of time before Windows 7's release there was already a lot of excitement, I think time is running out for MS, third party tools can only do so much.

(btw I wonder if the creator of the 8Start launcher is inadvertently benefiting from this issue  :D )

Just a plug that my LaunchBar Commander tool is quite happy to show the Start Menu contents as a menu in its dock.

I uninstalled Start8 and instead installed Classic Shell from sourceforge... I has a more standard start interfave for windows 8 in it's newest version.

A realistic question should be...

Why the hell do we even HAVE to resort to visual hacks just to do something as simple as get the start menu back?

For me, Windows 8 is a huge no-go.  It will fail as a Desktop OS, and it will fail as a Tablet OS.


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