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Ability to *up*vote a post

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I was going to post in another thread, but seeing as this would have been veering even more off-topic than the thread already was, and the thread is about threads veering off-topic, I thought  I'd better start a new one ;-)

I do like the idea of being able to give a post an "up" vote.
A down vote option only encourages colliseum type behaviour (you know, looking for blood etc.), as people have said already. But I often miss the option to give a very casual +1 to a post - good reccomendation, nice retort, whatever.

I wont lose any sleep about this one, and am not even sure it's a good idea, but I still miss it - often enough too.

I'd upvote this post.

I'd upvote this post.
-mwb1100 (March 17, 2012, 06:40 PM)
--- End quote ---


There are reputation mods for different forums including SMF, I have used them on forums with varying success (members used it meaningfully and not)

^ I don't think so much a reputation mod, but something that you can say that this post is a good post.  It can also help mouser in making the newsletters, bringing attention to posts the community thinks are great.


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