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Is Google Now Evil? Ask the Engineer!

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I agree that it was not part of the original research.
-mahesh2k (March 19, 2012, 11:00 AM)
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But in a way it's not surprising it wasn't. How could they have possibly guessed it?

I think the whole "social" thing caught everybody by surprise. Who would have thought that something like Facebook would become what so many people think of as the Internet?

Tech people used to laugh when some AOL subscribers got AOL confused with the Internet. They don't laugh so much now when close to one billion people worldwide often think that about Facebook.

Truly amazing... :huh:

Carol Haynes:
To many people Google is the internet.

I ask a lot of customers which browser they use and I would say in about 70% of cases they say Google (and they don't mean Chrome which most have installed but don't know what it is or how it got there). Almost all of that 70% use internet explorer and have google as their home page - they have never heard of internet explorer - they simply use google.

Hell most people don't know what a web address is or where to put it if you know it - for the majority of people I come across if you say go to or facebook they get there by putting into a google search and click the first link - without ever looking what website it is actually taking them to.

I have had a number of people call me and say what has happened to Facebook and when you investigate further they have clicked a google sponsored ad and aren't on Facebook at all!

Is this the fault of Google - not at all. There are a number of culprits:

* The individual who doesn't look at what they are doing (and mostly don't care)
* The stupid who don't understand what they are doing and don't want to know when you try to explain
* The even more stupid who claim to know what they are doing and are too arrogant to accept help
* The lazy - who want to use the internet like a washing machine and aren't in the least interested in how it works
I am just amazed I see so few real viruses (though I rarely see computers that aren't infected with some malware or other).

The lazy - who want to use the internet like a washing machine and aren't in the least interested in how it works
-Carol Haynes (March 19, 2012, 01:44 PM)
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But isn't that exactly what Apple has been all about for over three years now? And also what Microsoft and Ubuntu are frantically scrambling to copy and catch up to?

Everybody with any real power is pushing for closed ecosystems, proprietary (or industry coalition approved) standards, tighter regulation and access restrictions, and full-time monitoring of any and all activity while using these devices.

If all goes according to plan, there won't be a general purpose personal computer in the future. I'm guessing they will be gone in about ten years time. Maybe twenty years tops. PCs will be replaced by a lovely, polished and glitzy (but totally locked-down) appliance that requires a subscription to a data plan to use.

A washing machine, Carol? I think you're being much too modest. ;D That would still require some intelligence to use. How about a couch potato's TV set? That seems to be the paradigm they're striving towards.

And once they tweak Siri and others of like ilk a bit more they'll even have the git's long suffering wife metaphor just in case the idiot wants to buy something. ("Honey? My back hurts. Can you fetch me another pint since you're already up?")

Holy Buddha? I am really starting to hate everything about the online and computer world lately.

Bloody! Why do I keep doing this to myself?

Time for a rant! (Why should Renegade have all the fun!)

Push for RANT!

Ok...let's rhumba! (dah-dah-dah-dah-dah - DA!)


^^ ;D
[note to self: insert clip]

People who have no clue about what is the internet and how it works are the ones who run society in much more conservative ways. I am sure even the people who comment on each others clothes or critic based on their looks are now starting to use the internet. 5-10 more years from now, people with "real life and less internet life" will be minority.

I don't think this has anything to do with google. Google is only cashing in on the gaps of laws. I think there needs to be more changes in the current laws on governing internet ads, or else these ad giants will literally setup devices to stalk people. By no means I am too old to comment on future, hell i am yet to hit 30's. But I do think that if we continue to let these creeps walk over our lives, future is going to be "us vs them".


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