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(solved) 2 instances of Custom Desktop Logo ?


I searched around but I didn't found an answer to the question: how to run 2 instances of CustomDesktopLogo with 2 different setting
I already tried to start 2 different versions from two different folders but changing the settings of the second was always overwriting the first one ...
any tip will be appreciated ! thanks

first of all I posted here coming from the Support link of this great application at
... in the end I cloned the folder of the last version and moved the duplicate into another main folder
now I have CustomDesktopLogo into "Program Files" and another one into "Programs"
and they can run with different settings at the same time !
why ? because I couldn't find another similar application running animated images + alpha\tranparent mode
  :Thmbsup: many thanks to the developer for the great hard work !!


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