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In search of: Tool to show multiple (hard drive) temperatures in the system tray

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I'm looking for a utility to show multiple hard drive temperatures in the system tray so i can tell at a glance the temperatures.

* My number 1 request is to have multiple system tray icons, one for each hard disk temperature.
Other features that would be nice would be:

* Monitoring other temperatures (motherboard, gpu, etc.)
* Color changes in temp according to my preset ranges
* Small (and preferably free or at least very cheap)
* NOT a big full featured suite of tools to do everything under the sun
Anyone have any recommendations?

HD Sentinel Pro is larger and more expensive than you'd probably want, but I still wanted to recommend it; though it does a lot, the footprint is still small and it is portable.  Other than that, of course there is SpeedFan.  I've used both, and they both will do what you want (except for the color change on speedfan).

There was also a thread on Tom's hardware a while ago, and there were several recommendations:
Hardware Sensors Monitor
Argus Monitor
SensorsView (google it- it was blocked from work as malicious services, so I didn't want to post the link)

I didn't any of them (I used speedfan at the time), but I figured I'd pass the recommendation on.

Long time favorite: SpeedFan:

Hm, wraith beat me to it  :(

Speedfan has logging capabilities and it's possible to create a custom utility to display the data from the logs in any way you want.

I used to have a Yahoo widget a few years ago to display Speedfan info. Unfortunately it only worked with an older version of Speedfan and the developer never updated it.

If you can't find an existing utility to do what you want, just the way you want, perhaps making one might not be a bad idea.

I like Speed fan but it cannot show multiple tray icons (one for each hd) -- at least as far as i can tell.

I don't know if Hardware Sentinal Pro can, but it's too expensive and too big for my needs (though it sounds excellent for someone who really wants to monitor their hard drives).

I'll check out the others.


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