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In the manual of my laptop, there is no hint that I should be a traveller if I want to have a laptop.

Are we really hijacking a thread to play this game?

I don't hijack, so your "we" must be you.

Are we really hijacking a thread to play this game?
-Josh (March 04, 2012, 02:52 PM)
--- End quote ---

@Josh. Agree. PMs would be better...

I'm out.  :-[

PMS would be better...?

After reading that I could not help but imagine how Linus would react when he would be a woman, the same age but with verbally violent would the rants become?  ;)

All this because of a lingering joke in my mind:
What is the difference between and attack dog and a woman with PMS?

Sorry, my mind jumps strangely sometimes.

Wifi should be accessible, I agree. Timezones or time itself, that's an whole other beast. especially if the laptop can access (more or less) critical systems at home base. Everybody really underestimates the consequences of the ability to change time/timezones. Thinking about timezones outside the US for a moment...DST is already nasty, add to that the fact that the US uses the solstices (astronomical calendar) for that, while the rest of the world uses the meteorological calendar. 

I can tell you that here in Paraguay no Windows PC can reliably update their clock, because Windows practically always selects the wrong time. Nasty for backup procedures and essential systems (like traffic computers, banks, etc.) who actually have to legal obligation to correctly account for time. I believe the US is very generous by allowing a 200 milliseconds gap. Europe allows only for 10 milliseconds.

Time is not time as you think it is. And as operating systems have to adhere to the strictest denominator, I can actually applaud the decision to put time settings outside the (normal) users control.

Actually, come to think of it...Wifi (or any kind of network access) is also leaning a lot on time, is it not?


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