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One Request


I have a few things that i usually use that aren't on my farr's search directories. So, i create alias for them.
The problem with this, is that launched alias don't appear in the launch history. In some way, yes it doesn't make sense, since they're already stored in the alias list, no need to be reapeated in the launch history too.
BUT.. They also don't appear on the list available when we start farr.
I think this would be very usefull for some alias.

So, my request is that if there can be a checkbox in the alias creation dialog, that would make an alias be subjected to appear in the launch list or not, and if yes, with or without the last launch parameters.
If this isn't possible, a checkbox for all alias to appear there or not would surelly be enough!

yep, i agree with this. ill put it on todo list.

I'll add it to mantis, then.


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