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Superboyac is throwing in the towel: I'm going to transition to Linux

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How the hell did I manage to miss a "I'm switching to Linux" thread?  :tellme:

So, superboyac, how's it going?
Need help?
I got your back, don't worry...
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-Edvard (May 14, 2012, 01:02 AM)
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Sorry guys, I'm still around, but I have a lot currently on my plate that I'm trying to deal with.

quick update:
I put linux mint on my laptop, and it was very nice and easy.  I got windows withdawl after about a month, and now I'm back to using windows on the laptop (dual boot).  What really did it for me was the mouse drivers on the toughbook I was using (circular trackpad).  The scrolling didn't work smoothly on the linux, and it was too frustrating.  Everything else was fine.

  I suppose the mouse/trackpad drivers have a properties settings available, have you looked in there for anything not kosher?
  The drivers issue is the only bad thing about Linux, but there's quite a few linux sites out there that have a stockpile of drivers and workarounds that linux users have found.
  When I go over to Linux I plan on having all the linux drivers downloaded and on a CD ready to install just in case they're not included in the GUI....

try kde, it has a setting for circular trackpad. Is that the trackpad scrolling problem you had?


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