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IDEA: Drag Drop URL or Paste to save target to predefined destination

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Again another thing I seem to keep doing repetitively, which might find advantage in reduced steps.

Provide a window where a save destination can be defined
Window should have options for always on top or normal

Allow the user to past or preferably drag drop from a URL link and save the target for the link in 'Full HTML' format (Webpage complete - The one with the folder) or 'MHT'
Include auto rename to increment duplicate filenames.

Existing process
Right Click
Save target as
Select destination, which dependant on which window you come from may not provide the last used destination.
Change Filename if required
Though this does not provide Full HTML

To get Full HTML
Open link
Save as
Select Destination
Select Full HTML

New process
left click
drag link to application window

It may only seem a small saving but after hundreds of links it can make a big difference

Does something already do this , and I have yet to find it?

Looking into this, I can make most of what you ask, but I can only display a Save-As dialog and you would have to choose the location, and press Save. The name of the webpage is set as the file name, but you can change it if needed.

Sorry for not seeing this before, not been online much over the last few weeks. I am proof life can exist without computers ! :)

A question on the second use of the utility, would it default to the previously used save location? If so it could work.
One of the issue I have found when opening multiple internet explorers is that sometimes you get offered different default locations depending on which session or child from a session is uin use

Could the default location be defined in a config file ? Would that then allow for auto save?

Does the filename auto increment if a duplicate is found?

I could make you a script that would do all those steps automatically using AutoIt.
What browser do you use and what version?

I tend to run IE9 with the latest up/downgrades :)


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