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AHK hack to enable 'live search' in Winorganizer


I don't know how many Winorganizer users are still around. Very few, if any, I'm guessing. I've tried to move away from it since it's been all but abandoned and have tried several other programs. Some of them have a feature or two to beat Winorganizer but overall, they always fall short.

One feature that some of the newer programs have and that I really miss in Winorganizer is live search results (find as you type).

I've put together a hack to supercharge Winorganizer's search into live search. Some of the code is my own and some of it is straight-up nicked from the interwebs. :)

The end result seems to work fine on my (XP) system. It seems harmless enough to me as far as unwarranted side-effects are concerned and consumes next to no resources. But, as a complete novice who only dabbles with AHK every year or so, I think it's appropriate that I share it with a USE AT YOUR OWN RISK - REALLY NOT MY PROBLEM kind of disclaimer.  :P

If someone who actually knows AHK wants to refine the code, that'd be great.

tl;dr - AHK hack to convert Winorganizer search into live search, use at you own risk.

--- Code: Autohotkey ---#InstallKeybdHook                WinWait, ahk_class TfrmFind                IfWinActive, ahk_class TfrmFind                {       TClick = 0                        SetTimer Stroke, 1                }        Stroke:;Based on code from        If (A_TimeIdlePhysical > 30 or A_TickCount-TClick < 125)        Return        MouseGetPos mX, mY           If (mX0 = mX && mY0 = mY)         {                TClick := A_TickCount                LiveSearch()        }        Else        mX0 := mX, mY0 := mY        Return  LiveSearch(){       ControlGetText, MyOutputVar, TdxPickEdit1 , Find text in file         StringLen, MyStrLen, MyOutputVar        if MyStrLen > 0        ControlSend, Find, {Enter}, Find text in file        Return  }


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