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Some dll errors


Hello folks i recently deleted somesoftwares and ran a portable version of different porgrams and while doing so Avira anitvirus detected msiwvm32.dll as a virus and it deleted it.

But after doing so after the system restart it would prompt as error loading msiwvm32.dll .

I can't figure it how this happened and where can i get this dll file and place it in its c:\windows\system32\ folder: anyone can me.
I do not want to restore my PC just because of this issue.

My system is running without a problem even with this error or is their any way i can make this error not show during the system startup.

Please do not suggest anything for this query as i have already restore my PC since Mozilla and other things were looking all too messy.
Any ways its OK now!

I respectfully suggest you look at replacing Avira with something else. It's infamous for lots of false positives and causing problems like this.


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