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I Need DC Input

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Houston we have lift off!  :Thmbsup:

BUT we have to fix a technical hitch.... :down:

Everything works except my SATA optical not found in Windows  :'( :'(  We didn't touch the connector end so not sure if in right place - hopefully pics will help!


Everything works except my SATA optical not found in Windows
--- End quote ---

the first thing to do, after making sure the plugs are all firmly seated and that the drive is getting both a power cable and sata cable,
is to reboot the pc, and go into bios before windows boots.. usually by hitting delete key a bunch while it is first starting, or paying attention to other instructions.

then see if the optical is recognized in your bios -- if so, then you know its connected and its just a matter of convincing windows to recognize it.  if not then its a hardware thing (it's also possible there is some option in bios to enable optional sata ports, so look for that while you are in bios).

once you know that answer you can proceed.

^ what he said - check in the BIOS to see if it's recognised.  You can check the power connection to the optical easily enough - push the eject button.

If it isn't recognised in BIOS, unplug the SATA data cables from the devices and swap them over and then check the BIOS to see if both or either are recognised.

Maybe there is a reason the SATA optical was unplugged after all.

Was just in BIOS and didn't see my optical! Says both my drives (IDE ATA and SATA) are on Primary IDE Master?

Yes the drawer opens.


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