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I Need DC Input

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I'm planning to reinstall Win 7 - here's my plan:

Current Setup: 7 year old Maxtor 160GB partitioned ATA Drive with Win 7 installed
                     Brand New Seagate SATA 500GB partitioned and ready to go! (100GB for system - yes I know it's overkill but I've found Win 7 seem
                     to take up more space than XP) rest for Data
Here's my plan: (After 18 months of using Win 7 it's become messy and slow and I now realise I need to do things differently and I neglected to make an Acronis bare bones Image after install)

I want to rebuild on new drive while continuing to be able to boot into current system until I've 'tweaked' new build to my satisfaction. As long as I wipe old system before the 30 day Activation is up, will I run into issues with licensing?  :-\

I plan to use old drive for Open Source OS.

Any advice would be welcome!

Thanks  8)

I think it makes a ton of sense to have the old pc up and running for quite some time while you use the new machine, to make sure you didn't forget anything.

With the current pc prices I highly recommend having 2 pcs so you can do this kind of thing easily.

I can't think of any licensing trouble you would have.

I have one PC with 2 Hard Drives  :D Or is that what you meant?

no i actually meant having a second pc.

Prices to high here - already cost me over R2000 - 2 months pension to upgrade MOBO and CPU. Laptops cost around R3000 for Netbook!! :o


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