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FreeFileSync - automated backup - Mini-Review

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2012-11-10: Updates to the Opening Post (still doing a couple of minor changes), relating to:

* The latest version is now 5.9.
* A bit about my testing of the RealTimeSync module of FreeFileSync - it's very good!    :Thmbsup:
* Better comparison notes regarding other backup proggies, now including BeyondSync - briefly reviewed here.

The OC deal is removed by Eset Nod32 during installation (after reboot).
While still allowing FreeFileSync to install.

FWIW, Eset catches some OC packages and some show up without being detected.
Some of their install wrappers are considered a threat, others are not, I suppose.

Just did a minor update to the review in the opening post. FFS is now up to version 5.10 - mostly fixes for Linux and/or Windows versions, no major new features.

Just installed FreeFileSync_5.11_setup.exe

I dont mind Open Candy, but this was sneaky imo:

OC was already mentioned above, but the reason I'm posting about it again is because the option here is pre-selected.
Also, it's the last step and if you're not focusing/going too quick you might just think it's the 'I accept ...' terms for FreeFileSync itself, and just click install.

Just warning in case.
As said above, probably better installing the portable version and making your own shortcuts

I hadnt used the versioning before.

You have to designate/create a folder for older versions (see shot below).
It then recreates the folder structure (as necessary) within this folder :up:
Very good :Thmbsup:

FreeFileSync - automated backup - Mini-Review


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