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New wiki


I'm currently playing with adding WikiOnAStick to FARR.

I've actually got everything to work without too much difficulty -- to the point where I'm wondering about maybe packaging it up for use by others. (For what it's worth, I think it's much easier to use than tiddlywiki and although it's not quite as pretty as the GTD wiki thing, it's much easier to work with, in my view.)

Two issues.

First, WOAS is, after a period of nothing happening, under development again. This means that if I try to come up with a distribution mechanism, I'm going to have to worry about preserving previous user data. (WOAS, as a standalone html file, can only be updated by opening the new version and importing data from the original file. I don't think I can automate it, although if I can work out a means of keeping the old version I can perhaps write a note on the front page of the new version to import the old data using the relevant bit of functionality...) This is starting to sound complicated already. Can someone give me a brief list of Things To Read and Things To Do to help me create this stuff? (I am, naturally, assuming that it's not going to be completely beyond my modest capabilities, of course!)

Second, I can't work out where to put the icon in my live version to make something that's not a C:\ in a box appear when I type WOAS. I'm using a butchered version of the alias that starts gwp, but nothing I've tried so far works. (Point 2a: does it have to be a 32x32 icon or will the program support other sizes if I add them?)


You should be able to put the icon in the alias directory.  Icon with multiple sizes should work fine. 

Why not send me the alias "package" you have to far and i can see if i can remember how to tweak it to behave properly regarding icon.


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