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Do Not Track Plus (Firefox add-on) - Restore your online privacy - Mini-Review

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Grr...replied earlier to this and it seems to have evaporated. My original reply was:

I've been using TACO 3.0+Albine for quite some time. Despite some missteps in them trying to get their commercial side of things off the ground, it has been pretty good to me. I used to be a Ghostery user, but once I found out they sell users' data I was off to other pastures.

The comparison chart above left a bad taste in my mouth. It makes it appear as those DNT+ has ad-blocking functionality & from what I can see from nosh's reply, I wasn't the only one to make that mistake.

Just so as to help clarify things, I have made this edit to the opening review post:
EDIT: 2012-02-18 1410hrs
DNT+ is not an ad-blocker. It blocks personal data tracking cookies that are used to track your online activity on the Internet.
(It is thus similar to the Firefox Ghostery add-on.)

--- End quote ---

Just so as to help clarify things, I have made this edit to the opening review post:-IainB (February 17, 2012, 07:18 PM)
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Just to clarify my earlier remark, the confusion was due to the way the DNT+ author(s) position the product. You didn't contribute to the confusion at all.

Posted here in case it might be of use.
Interesting notes. Though I have not experienced any difficulty logging in to my router (a THOMSON model). I wondered if other users of this FF add-on might have been having difficulty.
Do Not Track & LinkSys Router Admin
by The Guru
I discovered an odd glitch when trying to access LinkSys Router Admin interface via Firefox. I was using the correct user name and password, but I was being told my login was wrong. I was able to get in via Chrome or IE, but not Firefox. I was looking around the LinkSys forums for something else when I came across a couple of posts from other people who could not get in via Firefox. Turns out if you have the Do Not Track (Tools > Options > Privacy > Tracking [Tell websites I do not want to be tracked]) enabled, the router admin will not work in Firefox. Turning this feature off and restarting Firefox I was able to access the router admin via Firefox with no issues.
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My Netgear login works fine.


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