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Help me choose an online backup service

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Going to check out CrashPlan now..

emergency recovery service (they send you a drive with your recovery data on it, instead of having to download 100s of GB over the wire)
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in fact many web hosts actually have policies against using their "unlimited space" plans for this purpose. So while you may get away with it for a while, you could also find your account suspended without warning and unable to access your backups.
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great point.  while in my case it wouldn't be a disaster to find myself locked out, since i wont be uploading the only copy of anything -- i think its a high enough likelyhood that it's not the wisest solution to pursue.

I am not sure if rackspace fulfills all the points but take a look -

I'm trying CrashPlan now.. It looks really good. Definitely my favorite so far.


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