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[Windows, shareware] TreeProjects: organize your information

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Hi DonationCoder,

I'm Yaroslav, the developer of TreeProjects, a personal database and personal information manager. When you work on a project, do research, plan a trip, or simply work on your computer long enough, you usually find yourself accumulating snippets of information in various forms. These may be notes, ideas, chat transcripts, pictures, web pages, Office or PDF files. Usually they will be lying around in your "Documents" folder or subfolder, the contained information will not be easy to looked at, be found, and be organized.

TreeProjects aims to be the solution to this problem. It stores all your notes and files in a single compact and portable database file, can instantly search, display, remind about, and organize them in various ways that are not possible with simple file storage. I tried hard to make the program not only powerful, but also quick and intuitive.

TreeProjects works on Windows XP, Vista and Seven, 32-bit or 64-bit. To take a better look at TreeProjects, please visit its website at . Also, on the 16th of February, TreeProjects will be featured on BitsDuJour ( ) where the program will be offered at a 60% discount - so don't miss the deal.


Welcome at DonationCoder, Yaroslav. Have fun here :)

Welcome and thanks Yaroslav  :up:

As a happy KeyNote NF user, I know how valuable is your software, and it seems very well done. TreeProjects should be able to quickly and easily transform KeyNote NF stuff into a TreeProjects database, otherwise considering a software change will be hard for anyone with a lot of notes.

@insert_nick: Yes, at the moment TreeProjects cannot import data from other similar programs. If the other program exports the data as files, however, TreeProjects can import the folder and will try to recreate the items based on the file type, which may (or may not) be close to the original database.


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