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Screenshot Captor Idea - Monitor other folders and steal images from them

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I'm with Stephen and mouser on this one (or rather, two :tellme:).

Both features would be Nice To Have, imho.

It could be a useful item, on occasion.
I think the idea of copying image files is the "safest" approach - on the principle that you should always avoid messing about with the original. ("Don't burn your bridges...")
Same principle seems to be applied in Google Picasa3 - you can make changes (e.g., crop it, sharpen it, etc.) to an image for display purposes, but they are reversible. But you can make it "permanent". This seems to work so that, if you want to save the changed image, then Picasa will by default automatically back up the original to an "Originals" sub-folder in the directory where the original was located. The saved (modified) image is saved as the same filename as the original was.

I would love an "edit in SC" option on the context menu of images, that way I could stop copying the images over and then copying them back to where they were.

^+1 :up:

I will be adding an "open in SC" feature -- I just need to finalize the details and make sure it's easy for people to turn off (never was just an option in previous versions by the way).


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