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ReImage: online Windows repair!

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Quote from: Curt on 25 February 2012, 10:43:42
Sadly there are not a single person that I know of in my circles that have a retail Vista SP2 disc; Vista, yes, but always from Dell or something, and never SP2. I will have to look around some more, before trying to restore.-Curt
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For what you'd be using it for (a quick login to recover some files) any Vista disc would work. You'd just have some OEM branding throughout the OS and maybe some trialware installed & you could install the lastest SP right away or just get down to business recovering your important files & getting the heck out.-Innuendo
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I am now sitting with a DELL Vista Home Premium 32-bits dvd. I have already tried Repair Start, and System Restore; they did nothing. I mean, they tried, but Start wasn't repaired, and there were no restore points found. I have not been able to enter my Vista.

All that is left is Command Prompt, which I am looking at right now, or overwriting the original Vista.

I have this #feeling# that if I could only re-installl that damn Paragon program from a USB stick via command prompts, my old Vista would suddenly work again. Utopia?

HOW should I do? I know nothing about command prompting!

Edited: First things first:
Can I somehow enter my Vista, via a cmd prompt or otherwise, now that I have this DELL disc?

oh, yeah, before this, there is also the option to install drivers if Windows is not recognized. Vista is recognized, but I guess I could try this weird method; Installing Dell laptop drivers on a Fujitsu desktop?

no, it wouldn't install any drivers; "they are not meant for your system".

Command prompt it is, then. But HOW?  :tellme:

If all you are doing is just rescuing some files off your system I'd just do a regular install of Vista. The installer will install to a fresh directory & your old install will be left untouched. Once you hit the desktop you can safely copy off your important files & await the arrival of your Windows 7 disc. :)

too late; I lost my patience  :-[

/Curt, Win 7 user.

too late; I lost my patience  :-[

/Curt, Win 7 user.
-Curt (March 03, 2012, 02:53 PM)
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congrats Curt :)

edit/ and I hope you didnt lose anything important :-[


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