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Cool short videos for the weekend

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quite cool,
but i have to say these these 3d desktop things look MIND-BOGGLINGLY HORRIBLE to actually use.

writing notes on the back of a window - HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH - that has to be the stupidist user interface concept ever to actually get implemented.  if that's a good idea, i have a better one for them, how about you push a button and a little animated dog comes on the screen, then you zoom in and use your handwriting tablet to write a note on a biscuit, and feed the biscuit to the dog who eats it.  then, when you're using an app and want to see any notes you made about the app, you blow a whistle into the microphone, and the dog will come running (in 3d of course), then you have to feed him some special medecine, which will make him go to the bathroom.  he will do his business on each window, with the proper note being defecated on each window.  better yet, make him do his business on the back of each window, which you can tehn rotate in 3d to see it.

The next time someone asks me how computers store data, I'm going to tell them about a very busy dog and his many, many biscuits.

what's the big deal?

i can write notes on the back of my window right now - well, okay the back of my monitor. they do tend to fall off down the back of the desk though.

anyone know which operating system the video was for - i don't think longhorn need worry just yet.

Has everyone seen the Stationery is bad flash video? I forgot the guy's name who created it, but he won the OneNote contest with it.



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