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64bit process not being up in vista 64

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Hi guys, restarting a new topic as this thread has progressed to another issue, namely that processtamer doesn't pick up the process. The process is displayed in vista 64's standard task manager (in the application & processes panels). It is a 64 bit application that is running & not being picked up. Even if I add as a rule (and use the add rule dialogue box to pick out the same exe file listed in the process panel (as above), the process is not picked up.

So it's not even being listed in the list of running processes in Process Tamer, even when you have the checkbox to only show >1% cpu processes?

Or are you saying it's being listed but not tamed?

Hi mouser, it's not being listed at all. Only show > 1% is not checked.

Sounds like i need to make a new build of PT.

Hi mouser, hoping this will be useful. I noticed another 64-bit application not showing up in PT: C:\Program Files\Media Player Classic - Home Cinema\mpc-hc64.exe


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