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How can I do a clean reinstall of processtamer. I've uninstalled and gone through the registry to deleted entries I could find using search term 'processtamer', but when I reinstall I see the same custom confg setup that I had before the uninstall (even though I deleted old directory & installed into a new one).

The issue I'm having is that not all of the process's running are being picked up by processtamer, and even if I add a manual rule, they are not taming the specific processes specified in the rule.

The settings should be in an application data folder.
Under your user name, open that folder.
Under 'tools'-'folder options'-'view' tab.
Click 'show hidden files, folders, and drives'.
Search for files in 'AppData'.

Thanks cmpm - good suggestion.
However, I've been through the app folders for the logged in user & deleted relevant files for donationcoder/processtamer - reinstalled again, but have still got old config!
Must be storing it somewhere else.

hm, it should be a .ini file somewhere...I guess
Since it's dealing with process', it may be somewhere else.
Search the computer for ".ini" files, without the quotes.
You will get a lot of them probably.

I don't use process tamer myself , so I can't help much.
Maybe someone who uses it can help more.

Try c:\ProgramData\...   though I dunno.


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