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Screenshot Captor "best in class" on FreewareGenius

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It'd be interesting to know just how many hours mouser has spent developing Screenshot Captor.
-kyrathaba (February 11, 2012, 09:03 PM)
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Ditto. I'd love it if every app said that in the About box.

Congratulations to mouser!

FreewareGenius has updated their review of Mouser's Screenshot Captor with these nice words:I am quite happy about this development, but also grateful that the developer took the time to address an issue that I raised in my original review of this program; I quote “I want you to know I really took [the review] to heart and it was the primary reason i just finished 8 hours of coding to add that feature:. So, thanks go to Mouser of DonationCoder for all his hard work (and also for a very good implementation).
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Just another reason why Mouser and the whole DonationCoder community seems so highly regarded.  Congratulations!  :Thmbsup:

To me, it is only "best in class" if it actually covers people's workflows. I have been begging working with Mouser to implement about 2-3 features that keep me from using it. All told they are quite easy fixes. Im my opinion, on a broad level a High End Solution (eek did I say that?) needs to totally subsume the abilities of certain low level apps. Fortunately, my modest requirements are easy to do, and Mouser has already implemented one, and the second one is ... uh... under negotiation.

Then once certain workflows are covered, you can do the switchover.

That really nice of Samer from freeware genius to post that  :Thmbsup:

Nah Mouser, you deserve it - because you are entertaining a couple of "minor features" is why you will rule screenshots : )


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