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feature suggestion: auto-start (or restart) a process?


How difficult would it be to have process tamer look for the existance of a specific process, and if we detect that it's not running, we start it?  I know this would be useful for me to make certain things like calendaring apps, etc are always running.... (basically if I close it by mistake, PT restarts it for me)...

I can see a logical flow/configuration as something like:

every (some period/interval)
if ( process_name is not running ) then
  run ( this_process )

this would also make it easy to negate... you can say

every (some period/interval)
if (process_name IS running ) then
  run (something)

so looks like it's only 3 parameters to me... the period/interval to check, the process name that is (or isn't) running,
and what process to run if the conditional turns up true.  (oops, that's four parameters counting the negation...)

anyway, it's a thought...



This doesn't help with Process Tamer, but if you're really keen, PTFB Pro says it can do what you want:
PTFB Pro versions 3.4 and above allow to create "program monitor" or "progmon" items. These periodically check to see if a particular program is currently running on your system. Depending on how you've set them up, they'll either launch the target program if it isn't running, or close/kill the program if it is running.

--- End quote ---
Sanity check - I have PTFB Pro, but haven't tried this particular feature.

PTFB Pro is $29.99 USD, or "free" via TrialPay .

hi lj,
my plan is to add a simple scripting thing to process tamer which could do what you are asking.

that'd be sweet.  ;-)


I'm also interested in this function.


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