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Screenshot Captor 3 - Window Object and Scrolling Capture Screencast Videos

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Some screencast videos demostrating how to use the new Object Capture and Scrolling Window Capture tools in Screenshot Captor v3:

Using object capture (multiple objects, capturing all children):

Basic scrolling window capture:

Another scrolling window capture:

A more troublesome scrolling window capture (ms word):

Performing a scrolling window capture and adjusting settings manually:

When you need to scroll the contents MANUALLY yourself (new):

Wow, thanks for these nice screencasts. Especially the Word-one is very helpful :up:, though I've not yet scroll-captured any Word stuff yet, I'm quite sure I'll have to, sooner or later.

Thanks for the kind words Ath  :Thmbsup:

Thanks for the screencasts (and the functionality!)  :Thmbsup:

I've watched the first two so far:

Using object capture (multiple objects, capturing all children)
Basic scrolling window capture

These seem to me to be good introductions to the new overall functionality covering the four paths on the initial screen of the new dialog:

* Save the selected Object/Region Image
* Save the selected Object/Region Image and Choose Another
* Scrolling Window Capture on Object
* Capture Multiple Images, One for each Child Control
Heard / saw some nice tips:

* Ctrl+Click being blocked by some apps (and what to do in such cases)
* Resetting after guessing / modifying margins and/or overlaps
* Including the outer border in a final image
I think it's particularly useful to see concrete work flows along with commentary about what might be a typical order of operation and possible variations  :up:

On a side note, I've wondered about the placement of the "Test Window..." and guess buttons -- when I first tested scrolling capture I didn't know which controls / buttons might be useful to interact with and in what order.  Don't have any concrete alternative ideas apart from having those buttons appear above other controls -- but I'm not confident this would be clearly an improvement.  Any thoughts along these lines?

Thanks for the demo movies!
Tedious to do, I know, but most helpful for the halt and the lame — and I am at a limp standstill.


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