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Suggestion: auto-pm for new users with an archived copy in the personal area of someone's account.
-Paul Keith (January 27, 2013, 10:09 AM)
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Let me write it, first. Then mouser can decide if he wants to do something along those lines. (although I think a link to it in the "welcome to the forum" email would probably suffice)

Is there a way to combine my PMs so the Inbox and Outbox are in chronological order... on the same page?   :tellme:  And then a way to undo it?

Paul Keith:
Not from within the interface although I always did wonder what software will read the xml in the export all pms option. That could sort it out but importing it in something commonly installed like LibreCalc seems to have only imported the name.

You could theoretically use labels named as dates to jump back and forth between the outbox and singular pms but nothing that would be one seamless button.

I can't seem to view any spoilers here.  Is it a DC Personal Preference or my machine?   :tellme:

my info:  Windows Vista   Home Premium-SP2   Intel Core 2 Duo CPU    T6400 @ 2.00GHz    4GB RAM    64-bit        Windows Internet Explorer 9

I presume it is something i have turned off somewhere because they used to work.

I don't have any problem with the Spoiler, but, the YouTube button in Edit mode is invisible to me, and sometimes YouTube links are also sometimes invisible, with just a blank space on screen where they and the still image are. Not sure, but I suspect it is NoScript doing this.
Because flash is mostly blocked, I can't play YouTube flash files (or not properly, at any rate) even when I can see the link.
I am using HTML 5 now, and that seems to avoid the latter problem.


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