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Best Windows 7 desktop background changer?

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* Never heard back from the Cycler people
* I didn't realize that AWC wasn't free. It's not expensive, and it does what I need, but I find it resource-intensive. Using the Win7 Desktop CPU/RAM Meter Gadget, the CPU would spike with every image change, which is every 5 seconds in my case. It was noticeable even without the Meter.
So I'm still looking for another option.

'Picture of the Day' is pretty cool.
It downloads from a few pics of the day sites.
Needs an internet connection to download the pics.
And it will access your location info,
which can be blocked.
{about half way down the page}

I do like the option to save all downloaded pics to a folder of your choice.
Along with the ability to limit the number saved.

the best of the all wallpaper changers presented on this page it definitely is Bionix Wallpaper Changer. i have used most of them and i stopped at  bionix. is perfect.

-however, the free Bionix does not fit the required set of features. But I guess the "Ultimate" $20 version does; see Normal price said to be $30

I do not understand why is it so difficult? Is not it easier, periodically, to take a new wallpaper from the network? In Google's full of them. And sites like this enough. For example, I change the background of your desktop once a month and no program for that I do not need.-Klyaaleksej (April 03, 2015, 03:08 PM)
--- End quote ---

This is reviving an old thread, but you have a valid question. Some people like the joy (and surprise) of having a new desktop wallpaper image every time they view the desktop. It might bring a smile to an otherwise dull or trying day.

I am not one of those desktop wallpaper is either dark gray or black. I keep toying with the idea of setting something like this up, but never get around to it.


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