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It would be so much better if Windows adopted something along the lines of BSD's 'ports' methodology.  8)

Revo has long been the lead "free" uninstaller ... but it is possibly being challenged by the IObit uninstaller  which is good and free but does 64 bit apps too.

3. Does Windows even support true uninstalling? I say not. Because every single program that has a trial version leaves behind remnants, so you can't install it again and restart the trial.  And many programs never uninstall properly. e.g. crap like Acronis TrueImage, and leave behind tons of stuff.
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I'll refer to InnoSetup's stance to clarify why this is happening on purpose (see [UninstallDelete] section, unfortunately not online:

NOTE: Don't be tempted to use a wildcard here to delete all files in the {app} directory. I strongly recommend against doing this for two reasons. First, users usually don't appreciate having their data files they put in the application directory deleted without warning (they might only be uninstalling it because they want to move it to a different drive, for example). It's better to leave it up to the end users to manually remove them if they want. Also, if the user happened to install the program in the wrong directory by mistake (for example, C:\WINDOWS) and then went to uninstall it there could be disastrous consequences. So again, DON'T DO THIS!
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see [UninstallDelete] section, unfortunately not online:
-justice (January 25, 2012, 04:12 AM)
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Oh, it's on-line:
And the entire help is here:

Sometimes, when you are using the uninstaller in windows, it won't delete all you messages which means some space are still occupied, while a third party uninstaller can do this in a much better way, like Free File Wiper, i learnt it here


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