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EXACT duplicate photo file finder

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@crabby3 - Woo-hoo! I see your recommendation made it into the forum! :up:

I took a minute to download your suggestion and plan on giving it a try this weekend. I have a large library of my sister's old digital artwork (she's a graphic designer) that I want to migrate off my servers and over to long-term storage. I know the folders are loaded with dups, so anything that can help reduce the number of extra images will be a godsend.

Thx for sharing.

Yeah, 40hz, thanks to you heading me in the right direction.   :)

I'm mostly impressed by the speed.  I wish my avast antivirus scans ran that fast.   :(   Oh... wait... maybe they do.  :D

I just found a link to this page on the web, hpearce, did you do that? I think it's great!   :D
-crabby3 (January 24, 2012, 09:20 AM)
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What happened to the link?  :(  When I clicked it this another topic came up.  :huh:  I guess nothing lasts forever.   ;D

:-[ Sorry for the slam Renegade. Maybe you could add some more-user-friendly stuff to the version I tried. Like maybe making the sample scan pics smaller (there seemed to be a lot of unused space around both) and stacking them to one side? Or add an Auto Select to just the 100% matches?   :)

I don't have a clue about how to write or create a program, much less change an existing one, so these are just Novice-User suggestions.   :-[

I envy people who can create their own programs and this includes you! If I had just a fraction of your knowledge and experience I wouldn't have to constantly surf the web looking for solutions or answers. (Hopefully free but not always)   :(
-crabby3 (January 24, 2012, 08:02 AM)
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Not at all! :) There's more wrong with it than just that. :)

The large space at the top of the picture is to display long file paths. It's not an optimal solution.

The pictures are all instantly resized for that limited space and centred. Load speeds are on the right.

The only thing really going for it is that it is simple and direct. There's nothing remotely confusing in it and no complex options. Well, that and the source code there is commented quite well (IIRC).

-Renegade (January 24, 2012, 08:43 AM)
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Here is the solution for you guys.Just download "Duplicate Files Deleter" & cheer up! It's really awesome to perform.


Carol Haynes:
Anyone know what happened to ?


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