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EXACT duplicate photo file finder

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I just wanted to let everyone know it's out there. It's called Fast Duplicate File Finder. I'm using it to find EXACT duplicate photos on my machine. It's lightning quick, thorough, nicely designed, novice-user friendly, etc. Unlike the others I've tried this one is set to match photos at 100% match by default.  This means the search slows down if you set it to find similar or close matches. But who wants that? I have edited photos I want to keep and it ignores them when set at 100% match. It's great!   :D

This address will guide you to it

You can also read about what isn't included with the free version, OS requirements, etc. My only interest was the EXACT match function and that comes with the free version.

have u tried ?  that is easily the fastest I have tried so far.

I quit looking when I found this one but if is faster I'll switch... thanks   :)

A while back I released a very simple exact duplicate finder:

There is source code available there as well. If I remember properly, I licensed it under the WTFPL.

Thanks, I downloaded DuplicatePhotoFinder.
Great wedding photo!


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