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Screenshot Captor - Watermarking Tool

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New watermarking function:

mouser is putting all other similar tools out of business  ;D

Thanks :)

I think the main purpose of watermarking will be for people to add their own custom watermarking images, but does anyone have a good collection of public domain images that might be suitable for watermarking? (Like "Confidential", etc.).

If anyone wants to try the beta:

Watermarking options are in the Special Effects options tab, and you apply a watermark from the SpecialFx menu.

Screenshot Captor - Watermarking Tool

Menu Item
Screenshot Captor - Watermarking Tool

I made the following using the GIMP.  It is an analog of what you might see on a "confidential" document in at least one Asian country.

To use it, I put it in the Watermarks directory -- which on the system here was under Clipart\Watermarks within the SSC installation directory (XP SP3).  This directory is easy to get to via SSC's main window by starting at the SpecialFX menu:

  Watermarks ->
    Explore Watermark Directory

I'm not sure how SSC detects new images, but it seemed to pick it up without a restart of SSC.

Screenshot Captor - Watermarking Tool


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