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Calibre - e-Book (Personal Library/Document) Management - Mini-Review

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Looking back over this thread, I wonder has anyone done a review of Qiqqa?

I followed the link to their site, but as I am not an academic, I'm not certain I would have a use for this program.

I'm going to download it anyway such is the power of a DC recommendation - I'll try *any* program you folks suggest, to see just what it can do for me.

(over 50 eyes)
-Daleus (January 24, 2012, 06:33 AM)
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Wow, with >50 eyes you sure must read fast!

I tried running this on my previous computer and it would constantly lock-up my system. Then again that PC had graphic card conflicts that often caused problems with certain programs. Anyway after importing a lot of PDF ebooks Calibre was spinning out of control - 50-60% CPU usage & a big chunk of memory. Couldn't shut it down without going into safe mode.

New 'puter now - maybe I'll give it another try.



Looking back over this thread, I wonder has anyone done a review of Qiqqa?
-Daleus (January 24, 2012, 06:36 AM)
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I don't think so, but I have been thinking of doing a proper Mini-Review, having used Qiqqa for a few months now. It's a superb document and information/reference management system.

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Implement the ability to automatically add books to calibre from a specified folder.
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calibre can now watch a folder on your computer and instantly add any files you put there to the calibre library as new books. You can tell calibre which folder to watch via Preferences->Adding Books->Automatic Adding.

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