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Paul Keith:
Basic Info

App NameStormboardApp URLhttps://www.stormboard.comTest System SpecsIron browserSupported OSesWebSupport Methods Policy

Pricing SchemeFree, $5 per month, $10 per monthRelationship btwn. Reviewer and Product None. Tried the app


Online Sticky Board.

Who is this app designed for:

Collaboration between users. Focus on startups and teams. Even the sign-up asks for a company name.

The Good

Arguably one of the best and simplest online collaboration board out there. The price for the paid version is cheap too.

The needs improvement section

Vague export name called reports. No lines to connect the relationship between two sticky notes. Unclear templates requiring you to view every preview to see where the lines are.

Why I think you should use this product

The interface is pure KISS and it is one of two apps that I've seen use an aerial view to maneuver through lots of notes.

How does it compare to similar apps

It lacks reminders to be a Google Keep competitor. It lacks lines to be a mindmap competitor. It lacks a public version to be a social media competitor despite having votes.


Right now, I think this would be my default sticky note software despite it being team-oriented and I'm using it for single user needs.

Not sure how it would scale but it's one of those web apps that feel seamless on first use and everything just feels like the developers have their goals clearly set to providing a unique enough experience from your regular app.

Links to other reviews of this application

The ability to draw sketches in addition to text, photo and video sticky notes.
The ability to add documents to a storm.
A more modern and consistent design and user experience.
Improved compatibility with touchscreens.
Enhanced searching and filtering options.
Attractive reports in Excel and PDF formats.
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