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anything more advanced than mail merge?

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my goal is to fill word document drafts with specific text in specific locations inside the draft

let's say I have draft.a and draft.b and I want to make two draft.a documents (draft.a.1 and draft.a.2) and two draft.b documents (draft.b.1 and draft.b.2), using specific each time text to fill specific locations in each draft

is there a handy way to do this? I am looking something like MS WORD's mail merge, but more advanced (ability to easily use various drafts and not one, ability to easily determine where the text will be placed in each draft, etc)

any idea?


Maybe something like mouser's Form Letter Machine?

Maybe something like mouser's Form Letter Machine?
-rjbull (January 23, 2012, 10:39 AM)
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it seems interesting, I will check it out, thanks!

unfortunately I dont think it does what I want

I want to make a text file (or excel) where each line contains the data with which each draft will be completed
Draft1, somefield, somefield, somefield
Draft2, somefield, somefield
Draft2, somefield, somefield, somefield

the first word (draft1 or draft2) will determine which draft will be used as base
the next words will determine the values that will be placed in each filed of the draft

any idea?



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