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what kind of keyboard you use?

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I loved the Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard so much I bought five of them for future use.
-zridling (June 01, 2007, 02:11 AM)
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You must have cleaned them out -
it's no longer available here - on german amazon at any rate  :)

Wow, you guys are keyboard freaks...I'm starting to wonder if mine is inadequate now!   ;D

I have an ancient old Microsoft natural (? the ergonomic kind) keyboard that I rescued from the trash at the place I used to work four years ago...the wrist rest part is starting to turn all shiny from where my hands rest, but hey, it still works!

I might have to go shopping now, though!   :P

I use a Chinese Rs.250/=  (approx $5.00) Zen keyboard. Have some recognized makes lying around eating dust... the keys on this one are just too comfy and I haven't had any problems in the 2+ years I've been using it. I even love the Zen mice, I find them way more comfortable than a MS or Logitech mouse.
-nosh (May 31, 2007, 12:54 PM)
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do you have a photo from this keyboard?

Sorry, don't have a photo handy but it's just a plain vanilla keyboard. 107 keys (regular set + power, sleep & wake).

My main Keyboard is the logitech G15 - The Big one with LCD screen on it.
Its very good for games and macro tasks.

My other keyboard i use is:
BTC 9116URF Wireless Multimedia

Its a mini Keyboard, With Joystick built in which can be used as a mouse or a joystick in games.
I use it on my media center pc, which i also play some games on, Its very handy and small so can be placed anywhere.

But ive always wanted this keyboard..  Anyone tried one?


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