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File managers with quad windows may be a solution but I haven't found a free one that seemed stable and predictable.
-MilesAhead (May 24, 2011, 12:21 AM)
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Have you tried Q-Dir ? It's free and seems to work well.
-vixay (June 20, 2011, 01:11 AM)
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I periodically try it and have it on my system.  In fact I changed Half Shell utility to send 4 folders to command line to support it. It just doesn't feel as solid as I'd like with files over a GB.

Fold If Fold.ini has a valid path set for FreeCommander, the folders will be passed to FreeCommander instead of Explorer.  New Tabs are opened if needed and the folder names sent via macros.  This assumes FreeCommander v. 2009.02b with default key bindings for New Tab(Control-t) and for opening the tab edit line(Alt-g).

To revert to Explorer just delete the FreeCommander path from Fold.ini.

Fold Now uses clipboard to speed up FreeCommander New Tabs.

Fold Faster path validation.  Disconnected mapped network drives are now detected without waiting for network time-out.


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