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DC Apps alternatives for LInux

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Thanks for the Linux audio information 40hz.

I nice AHK-like program for Linux is Autokey. It uses Python as its scripting language but is otherwise similar in function to AHK
-rssapphire (January 19, 2012, 09:01 PM)
--- End quote ---

I didn't succeed in getting it to work with xterm.  Has any one else had luck with this?

Found this bit about using some other terminal:


mahesh2k: Which distribution(s) are you trying?

I tried putting together some .deb packges for some Windows apps (to run via wine) and am testing them out.  If they work out, may be I'll make them available for download.  Any interest?

I'm using ubuntu 11.04 on hard drive (and Slitaz in virtualbox). I do have Ubuntu 10.04/11.10 discs, just in case if i need them.

Sure, I can test those packages if you want.

I'm not familiar with whether / how well .deb files made for Debian will work on Ubuntu, but FWIW, the following is what I have for a recent beta for HFS:

  HFS .deb

MD5: 7b3eb6c3bb50591ead14fb809dad84bf

Installation, usage, etc:

* Install via: sudo dpkg -i debfilename
* Run via: hfs
* Uninstall via: sudo apt-get remove hfs
After running hfs for the first time, a subdirectory should be created under your home directory named .hfs.  After uninstallation, you may want to delete this subdirectory but possibly keep (backup) any settings that may be in that directory.


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