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Who's up for a DonationCoder talk show?

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We are scheduled to have our First Annual DonationCoder Poker Tournament on August 11th, 2012.  Perhaps someone would be willing to record a post-game talk show where we could talk about it.

I'll update on what's happened.  First, when I made this post, I had some free time and things were going smooth.  Since then, everything's gotten super hectic.  But really, I also had some technical difficulties, maybe you guys can help me sort it out.

I can record an audio-only session successfully, I think.  I was using icecast and some kind of funky freeware server setup.  I've reinstalled windows, so I have to remember what my settings were (pita).  What I really wanted to do was have a full video conferencing things going, where I can have a couple of windows for the live video stream, but also be able to show what's going on on my monitor.  So I bought this software from here when it was on sale at bdj:

This is a virtual driver that is supposed to be able to fool windows into being an actual webcam driver.  And you can put together a desktop as I described above: include the video stream, application windows, monitors, desktops...and you can lay them all out like in photoshop layers.  The problem is...the software sucks.  It's unsuable.  It's such a hack software.  Half of the functions don't work when clicked on.  It feels like an open-source program that's in the alpha stage.  I tried looking for alternatives, couldn't find any.

At work, I just started using Cisco Meetingplace, which works pretty well.  But it's a "corporate" solution, meaning it needs a corporate account and all that other needlessly expensive stuff.  I just need a virtual webcam driver that actually works well, or a video conferencing software that can also show desktops AND doesn't use the cloud.

But I can probably do a audio-only live recording using skype and icecast.

It might be interesting to look at Jupiter Broadcasting's Coder Radio, Linux Action Show, and Tech Snap for some ideas of how this could work.

Multi-show co-host Chris Fisher is thinking about doing a pure audio show using an Airtime server to handle the automated broadcasting. Chris featured Airtime on a recent episode of the Linux Action Show. See it here.

Who's up for a DonationCoder talk show?

He also mentioned an rather amazing free audio app called Mixxx that provides some very cool dual-deck DJ-type mixing, and recording features that would make it a natural for an audio show. It  interfaces directly with a Shoutcast or Icecast stream servers too.

Pretty sexy looking too:

Who's up for a DonationCoder talk show?

I'm definitely gonna check the above out. (Oh bloody! That's one more project isn't it? ;D)


Yes!  I'll check it out as well.  Actually, at one point I experimented the talk show thing with some dj tools like traktor, virtualdj, and another one.  What I found attractive was the flexible ways you could route the audio and control the volumes and stuff.

The other cool thing I actually do have working now is using the software Power Mixer in conjunction with my Peavey pc1600x midi controller, which is just a device with a lot of faders and buttons.  But I can control individual application volumes with the fader, which I thought would be helpful for a talk show.

Boy, just the icecast feature is worth the "money" by itself if it works well.  The fact that there are pre-configured buttons and gui makes it unique.  As far as I know, there is only one other icecast software that has a gui, and even that took me a while to figure out what parameters go where.

Pretty sexy looking too:
-40hz (July 16, 2012, 07:48 PM)
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Was that an intentional pun...miXXX?   ;D


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