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Who's up for a DonationCoder talk show?

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OK, I'm excited...
I have a new website, I have a nice mic setup here at my computer, I have a Skype account, I have live streaming configured,tested, and good to go.  So how about a live DC talk show?  What would we talk about?  How would it be scheduled?  Who needs to be involved?

I just have a couple of requirements for now:
--cursing IS allowed, this is not for kids
--Opinions are welcome, passionate statements are can be offensive with your positions, but no personal attacks or unreasonable anger
--Be willing to LISTEN to different and offensive opinions without harming yourself psychologically
--be funny if you can be, everyone loves a good laugh

As you can see, I want this to be about honesty, not about how smart we are.  What's REALLY on our minds?

I remember we tried a podcast years ago, but this should be better since it's live and interactive...and I'll be playing devil's advocate most of the time.  Nothing personal, but my goal will be to try to provoke you (in a nice, funny way hopefully...I will have to learn this "skill", so I'll probably go too far sometimes).

What about the SOPA / Microsoft bootloader crap / other attempts to stifle open computing?

Close with Baby Cody!

Why would SOPA care about people talking about software?   ;D

What...I can't talk about how ribbons suck and traditional toolbars were awesome? 

Im in! - I can talk forever xD

sweet, Stephen, let's do it.

But I think the initiation should be an interview with our fearless leader.


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