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Put together a rudimentary package to make it easier to get started with some of the plugins that have been posted.


  1. Execute BuildApp.exe.  Should produce plugins directory.

  2. Review content of resulting plugins directory and compare with existing
     Qatapult plugins directory.

  3. Copy resulting plugins folder (or selected portions of) to Qatapult
     installation directory.

--- End quote ---

At the moment, the produced plugins directory should include:

* Calculate
* LargeType
* Timer
* Window
It's not as robust as it could be, but it's a start.

MD5: 3722fc6fd0367e004e583b9fe9e08b7c

Here is a new release :

- It is now possible to select sources you want to show up in the first pane or to disable them completly.
- the bad background bug detected by ewemoa should be a thing of the past too
- I enlarged the detail pane so that it match the size of the default background.png. This looks prettier imho. As you are sensible to that kind of thing, tell me you impression pigeonlips ;)
- the clock is gone, I don't think it was very useful and it was difficult to keep with the current changes. It will come back later.

Most changes are really preparation so that I can add a light plugin support in js, so there is a lot of internal changes.

Also I've found the Alfred app which is sort of the new hot thing among the world of keyboard launcher under mac os : . It looks really nice too. It's a very different presentation but I think it might be possible that I improve the skin system enough that it should be possible to make skins of that flavor under Qatapult... but hum, later ;)

opps - typos in the plugin.xml - updated the post.

looking forward to trying the new version :)

opps - typos in the plugin.xml - updated the post.
-pigeonlips (February 27, 2012, 06:09 PM)
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Adding seems to work now :)

Removing still doesn't work for me.

Below is what I have for plugin.xml:

--- Code: Text ---<settings>    <rules>        <rule>            <arg>TEXT</arg>            <arg>               <item>                    <lbl>Add Bookmark As</lbl>                    <ico>plugins\Bookmarks\bookadd.png</ico>               </item>                                               </arg>              <arg>TEXT</arg>            <arg>               <item>                    <lbl>Bookmark Name?</lbl>                    <ico>plugins\Bookmarks\bookadd.png</ico>               </item>                                               </arg>                                  <cmd>cmd.exe</cmd>                  <workdir>plugins\Bookmarks\</workdir>                  <args>/c sqlite3.exe "..\..\databases\websites.db" "insert into websites values ('$2.text','$2.text','$0.text','','website','0');"</args>        </rule>        <rule>            <arg>WEBSITE</arg>            <arg>                       <item>                    <lbl>Open Bookmark</lbl>                    <ico>plugins\Bookmarks\book.png</ico>               </item>                               </arg>                    <cmd>$0.href</cmd>        </rule>                            <rule>            <arg>WEBSITE</arg>            <arg>                       <item>                    <lbl>Delete Bookmark</lbl>                    <ico>plugins\Bookmarks\bookrem.png</ico>               </item>                               </arg>                    <cmd>cmd.exe</cmd>                  <workdir>plugins\Bookmarks\</workdir>                  <args>/c sqlite3.exe "..\..\databases\websites.db" "delete from websites where display = 'new';"</args>        </rule>                     <rule>            <arg>WEBSITE</arg>            <arg>                       <item>                    <lbl>Rename Bookmark</lbl>                    <ico>plugins\Bookmarks\bookname.png</ico>               </item>                               </arg>                      <arg>TEXT</arg>            <arg>               <item>                    <lbl>Bookmark Name?</lbl>                    <ico>plugins\Bookmarks\bookname.png</ico>               </item>                                               </arg>                                  <cmd>cmd.exe</cmd>                  <workdir>plugins\Bookmarks\</workdir>                  <args>/c sqlite3.exe "..\..\databases\websites.db" "update websites set display ='$2.text' where display = '$0.display';"</args>        </rule>                </rules></settings>

Attached please find a packaging of what's being tried here (includes some temporary icons).

MD5: 5cf077ccc5996420f146c3061ab77685


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