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nice thanks. "12:30 > Timer > lunch" :D\
-pigeonlips (February 20, 2012, 05:46 PM)
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Just to clarify, the current implementation only works with expressions that represent durations from now -- not actual times, so unless you're planning to start "lunching" 12 minutes and 30 seconds from now... :)

Thanks for the Snarl tips.  I hope to take a look in more detail soon.


Regarding Snarl -- do you know if there are instructions for using it portably?  Or perhaps a portable version?  I haven't had much luck locating anything definite.

Ok big disclaimer. This is very rough.

very very rough.

Its to import bookmarks from chromium.

You'll probably need to change the plugins.xml and also i have only tested on win xp with chromium.

It *should* add a rule to import all your bookmarks from chromium. If your a google chrome user you can possibly change line 13 in the import.vbs

Next steps are to make it work nicly, then to add support for firefox.

Firefox (from what i remember) uses SQLite too so this may be much easier.

all the same - enjoy.


don't think its portable. Sorry!

don't think its portable.
-pigeonlips (February 21, 2012, 09:00 PM)
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Thanks for the clarification.

It's not likely I will use Snarl at this time.  Perhaps there will eventually be a portable version...


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