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with the new version.

tested and rockin

> reload works sweet as a nut.
> skin support works will.

not working

> Open verb seems to be called test.

> send to back produces 'Error at line 1 - Line text: MZ(odd char) Error: This line doest not contain a recognized action
>>> thats the plugins fault though. Maybe the hwnd thats passed in has changed somehow?

> just noticed. If you paste into a pane and hit ' to add to it (or edit it in any way) the ' is added to the text. do the same with . and it works great. suspect that you just need to exclude ' aswell as . ?

> humm - only just noticed that i can not start an application with this version due to the open being gone. Opps  :D

Going back to the old version for now.

PS - please dont let all this feedback stop the regular updates! I love the updates.

I fixed the commands on files . I dropped a line while moving things along for the reload. Thanks for the extensive testing, that really helps  :Thmbsup:

By the way if you need to get an old version they are all available here :

Sorry, was out of town -- hope to catch up soon :)

BTW, I notice in plugin.xml there are (often?) many instances of the path to the folder that plugin.xml lives in.

Any chance we could have some kind of ability to express the path that plugin.xml lives in via a variable or something...Or perhaps the paths in plugin.xml could be relative to the folder plugin.xml lives in, so where we currently have:

--- Code: Text ---<cmd>plugins\AHK\AutoHotkey.exe</cmd><args>plugins\changetext\changetext.ahk $2.text</args>
we might instead have:

--- Code: Text ---<cmd>..\AHK\AutoHotkey.exe</cmd><args>changetext.ahk $2.text</args>

I was hopping that you meant the name for the plugin.
-pigeonlips (February 14, 2012, 10:40 AM)
--- End quote ---

BTW, I'm trying out the name "Window" for the plugin locally.


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