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Thanks. I've just been compiling my scripts. Not sure if that's a bad thing.

Heres another one i have been using a bit. I'm a bad speller and a fan of having aspell at my fingers everywhere!

ChangeText - - 266.5 KB

   You can modify the text (assuming is editable) and change it to
      be uppercase IE (some text = SOME TEXT)
      be lowercase IE (SOME TEXT = some text)
      be titlecase IE (some text = Some Text)
      spell check using aspell

Tried to make it nice and self contained like your plugins.

I use the spell bit so much i have a shortcut to the app called spell that passes in "spell" as an arg. This way no matter where i am i can just summon qatapult and type spell [enter] rather than ' <tab> modify text <tab> spell

I saw enzo change the case (it was built in i think) and thought it would be handy. I was the first real example i saw of launcher give the impression it was doing something than run an application.


also another go with a skin

another-skin-attempt.7z - 95.4 KB

this ones doesn't work so nice with the white text. Didn't notice it until it was done.

I have some questions on the cats. Whats the Text one for . I was thinking snipits of text that could be stored.  That would be sweet for pasting signatures.
'some text <TAB> add to text cat
text (catalog)  <RIGHT> Kind Regards, Ian <TAB> paste

--- End quote ---
Actually a lot of catalogs only appears because they simply existed as sources, so I just exported all of them as catalogs. I'm not sure if I'm doing any good talking about catalog and sources, because they are really the same thing. I need to restrict it a little bit to hide the bad results same for the weirds results with numbers at the end.

The pasting thing is doable, it won't be available under the text catalog though because the text catalog is actually the text source. If I added things in there they would show up in every query. The the facility can be done anyway just under another name.

also i think theres a difference between websites i'd like to open (like a book mark to this page) and a website i'd search (like google, amazon). How about a flag in website.db for 'wantsearch' or something to distinguish between what shows in the website cat and the search with verb) - again just a thought.

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I agree about the distinction. We need a bookmark thing.

My only real gripe with the cats is that i get a little lost in it now
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I get lost too, but I haven't played a lot with them. I need to try using them with more rules.

Select a text file in explorer.exe then [Current Selected <TAB> Edit]
--- End quote ---
Ok, I'll have a look.

sometimes i can not use the arrow down. Hitting ESC once then arrow down seems to make this work
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Sometimes the ui seems to loose the focus of the keyboard for me. Is that the same bug you have ?

I've fixed the reload issue, so reload is back today. It also force the window visible at the end of the refresh, as I always refresh to see something, that makes testing easier.

Basic skin support : You can now create skins and save them under the 'skins' folder with the name you like. Select your current skin in the settings.xml under general/skin. You can check your changes with 'reload'. Share your creations ;)

Nice skin !

Sometimes the ui seems to loose the focus of the keyboard for me. Is that the same bug you have ?
--- End quote ---

figured out how to get this to happen.

> summon qatapult (input should be blank)
> do nothing, wait for blank drop down to appear
> begin typing (list starts to load items), item appears in pane
> try arrow down.                                                                         <--------------Heres the problem - Shouldnt work (at least not for me)
                                                                                                                       Also you can tab to the next pane and back. List should still not work
> hit esc - list goes away.
> hit down - you can now select from the list.

He who hesitates........ Hardly a showstopper - just FYI.


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