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Attached please find a tool to build the AHK plugin I'm using for Qatapult.


1. Download file
2. Verify checksum
3. Extract zip file
4. Execute the contained Build.ahk file via AutoHotkey.exe -- when the process completes a dialog box should appear
5. Copy the resulting AHK directory to Qatapult's plugin directory

Progress during 4 can be seen via SysInternals' dbgview.exe.

MD5: 38a3147db23be742cbd8706f645fea4e

...and attached should be the Calculate plugin that uses the AHK plugin.

MD5: 07b909de57e95e2a1e56a4427d568cba


Been looking forward to this all night (saw the post yesterday).

quit - works very nice for me. Its instant now. No more messing about with the task manager.

catalogue - So i guess the whole catalogue thing makes much more sense to me now i can use it. I see the point that it nicly limits the results. Works very nice I can see why your focusing on it. Cannot wait to preform actions with it.

The window (catalog) one only ships with the send to back and for me it doesn't do anything.

I have some questions on the cats. Whats the Text one for . I was thinking snipits of text that could be stored.  That would be sweet for pasting signatures.

* 'some text <TAB> add to text cat
* text (catalog)  <RIGHT> Kind Regards, Ian <TAB> pasteIf its not this, can we get this,  :P

Why a cat for verbs - just curious.

Also i like the web cat.  be nice to have a verb to add to the web db. ie <TAB> add to web catalog

also i think theres a difference between websites i'd like to open (like a book mark to this page) and a website i'd search (like google, amazon). How about a flag in website.db for 'wantsearch' or something to distinguish between what shows in the website cat and the search with verb) - again just a thought.

Hidden windows works well now too. Thanks!

My only real gripe with the cats is that i get a little lost in it now. Sometimes i forget i'm in a cat and forget to hit right to get back into the rest of the results. Happens mostly if i tab to the next pane and back, or tab to the next pane and cancel, Then bring qataplut back up.  You could show the name of the cat at the top where updating index is. Just a thought. Sure i'll get the hang of it - bet its second nature to QS users, and i guess i'm way to use to the single text mode of FARR, executor etc.

PS - most excellent update to the version.

Also some things I've noticed,

* Select a text file in explorer.exe then [Current Selected <TAB> Edit] doesn't seem to work any more. Not sure when this happened.

* sometimes i can not use the arrow down. Hitting ESC once then arrow down seems to make this work. This was happening to me before this version. Doents happen often and can not replicate the steps. Just FYI. Will post again if i find out how to do this.


downloaded and ran the I have no idea how to use it or what its for! lol. I'll look over the ahk code to find out.

downloading the calculate now. Have really been missing this from FARR.

QatapultAHKPluginBuilder - i see now. Returns the results to Qatapult for the calculator!


QatapultAHKPluginBuilder - i see now. Returns the results to Qatapult for the calculator!
-pigeonlips (February 15, 2012, 03:57 PM)
--- End quote ---

I guess that means it is working :)  I have a "Run As AHK" plugin here too, but I'm not sure how useful that is.

At the moment, I think all of the other plugins here use the built AHK plugin (including the locally modified version of winpult).

Some points:

* Dynamic code execution via AutoHotkey.dll (that's how Calculate works -- the text one types in is executed as AHK via AutoHotkey.dll)
* A dependency has been introduced here for other AHK-using plugins
a bit of builder detail...FWIW, the builder downloads HotkeyIt's AutoHotkey (it's basically a modified AHK_L + AutoHotkey.dll), extracts contents and puts those bits and a few others together.  So the builder provides a convenience in not having to manually assemble the AHK plugin yourself and we're not technically redistributing AHK either.


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