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I updated winpult-mod with some name and icon suggestions.

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-pigeonlips (February 13, 2012, 09:15 PM)
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Worked nicely here  :up:

May be ecaradec will make skins more like plugins... :)

I updated winpult-mod with some name and icon suggestions.

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Thanks, I like it.  8)

Toggle on top ? never knew you could do that so easily, A very nice addition.
Icons = look so much better and tons more descriptive. Thanks.

with some name and icon suggestions.

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bummer. I was hopping that you meant the name for the plugin. winpult is lame......

The names for the action are much clearer now, show hide was not very descriptive of what it did. Plus hide and min sound like the same idea from a users perspective. Much better choice of words. Fancy giving it a better name. At first i thought it was fun idea to end all my plugins with 'pult' (like launchys plugins foxy, calcy etc) but now i see it again, its not as funny as i thought!

May be ecaradec will make skins more like plugins...

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a quick win for skining maybe is to define a directory to look for the background.png, background3.png, focus.png etc in the settings.xml and have a folder called skins?

Also i'd love a ini/xml file that includes the height, width, x, y for the controls. This way i'd get much closer to the full showcase skin. That sounds like a lot of extra work though and i'm not sure how ecaradec feels about people mucking around with the GUI.

Also don't get me wrong, i think the default skin is very nice. Also probably best to get it feature rich before something as trivial as skinning. but that showcase skin, sigh, that's nice. I wonder how much a mac is....... lol

Thanks ewemoa, I hadn't really understood what the catalogs where. It's much clearer now.

I think I can make the configuration keys easier to configure with readable name instead of keycode without too much work.

I didn't know about synapse, it looks really nice. There is a tons of apps that makes me jealous of being on Windows now... It never happened before, the world is changing.

you're trying to keep this as close to quicksilver as possible
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Clearly no : we can totally differ if things can be made better. I've never used QS anyway, so most of the time, I'm just guessing
what the quicksilver choice would be. And I don't want to attract a bunch of super fans that will get upset if anything is different.
Really there can be differences.

Also i have the patience of a ant so if something doesn't happen sub second i usually move to the task manager
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So I'm am

I have access to a very large number of networked drives. Its forever indexing.
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Do you mean the indexing of drives takes forever OR the indexing of files on drives. I have a tons of drives at work and the indexing of drives is quite fast...

Ps i like you can get more than 3 panes
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I completly assume that, there is not reason to limit that : the display is not able to handle it for the moment but all the background code works on rules of any length.

May be ecaradec will make skins more like plugins...
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Sure !

Adding skin support is probably very simple. I'll try to solve this catalog thing first because this is an usuability thing, then I'll go for the candies ;)


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