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Well done with the db pigeonlips ;). The website source is really subpopulated.

I've seen the vertical text issue too. The Windows gdiplus api that measure the width of text sometimes returns invalid results. I've still to understand how to use it to avoid that issue. It seems to occur on some matches of results and query.

[ewemoa] : I'll add a font selection (at least in the settings ) so that you can confirm that this is ok. It seems to work with less exotic characters, so I suppose it should be ok still.

I've uploaded a new version with a few polishing changes :

- the text now don't display vertically anymore
- the completion don't automatically select the first subfolder
- you don't need to hit the down key twice to browse the results
- results are cleared when you hide the ui, so that it's always clean when you invoke qatapult
- fuzzy matching on some results like on the startmenu items : "moz firx" will match firefox. All characters must be in the name in the correct order to match. That allows to miss a char and still get the correct result.

Nothing fancy, but that's should make Qatapult easier to use.

download the new version but found that it doesn't see to work as well as the last. Heres a few things i've noticed:

>The "email to" and "search with" results seem to get confused in the 3rd pane. More often than not i only see my contacts despite selecting "search for"

> Also i have noticed that if i use "." to free type something say "hello", then esc out of qatapult, then summon it again type a new query say "notepad" move to the second pane, when esc or shift tab back to the first pane the old free text seems to reappear rather than "notepad". This seems erratic and doesn't happen all the time.

> if i over type a contact (i.e. continue typing past a match. eg one contacts called "james" but i type "james sdssfdfsdfsdgsgsgfsdf") in then the last pane then the pane shrinks and gets cut off. It looks like qatapult is resizing back to 2 panes but the lighter blue inlay is still visible in the darker blue border. also hitting down drops down an empty list box so i guess the 3 pane is active just not displayed.


Unrelated to this version there are also a couple of things that make it a little harder to use (for me anyway).

> while i like the use of the "." it would be nice if when using the pane for email i could free type an email address. Unfortunately most all email addresses  have a "." in them somewhere. Maybe have a "." top invoke and then Esc to get out?

> sometimes i'd like to search with something - but i don't get offered the action to do so as it query matches a program or command (ie try a google search for "notepad"). Not sure if it did this with the last version too.

> its not always clear what i have typed. (say i make a typo because im typing to quick. Unless i guess this is what i did and start backspacing)

Still loving the app! :)

Also just started using qatapult to navigate network shares, and its working really well.


Maybe have a "." top invoke and then Esc to get out?
-pigeonlips (February 06, 2012, 03:57 PM)
--- End quote ---

This sounds nice to me.

I noticed the email and search with bug too. I uploaded a new version that fix that. I broke something in the selection of rules, in the previous version and this was causing a lot of issues. Check if your second issue is gone too, I suspect that it should.

The pane thing looks really bad. Your diagnotic is correct, Qatapult resize to two panes : no rule match anymore, so Qatapult doesn't know how many panes to display. I didn't bother fixing it till know as it's not super easy and is not very fonctionaly annoying, but I will as soon as possible.

I agree the dot is annoying when typing things. I was considering the same solution : use . to enter text mode and then esc to exit, but allows to type . when in text mode.  

The last item result is always the text result. If you want to search notepad on google then type your query and select that last results, it'll give you the text verb. It didn't always appears in older version but this should be ok now. I could also add a ' prefix that would enable text result only.

I also get lost when typing. I'm not sure about what I can do without degrading the look and feel of the ui. May be I could switch to text mode automatically if nothing is typed for a few sec ? I think that QS cancel the search if you wait too long, but I'm not sure if I like it or not.

Thanks for the report  :-*


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